Making the mundane magnificent

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Soon enough our online store will be avalaible for you to purchase your personalised set of AlphaPeg's for the perfect gift.

Whether it's a name, a messgae or a memory, there's an AlphaPeg for everyone.





Hannah Britt

The Birth of AlphaPeg...

AlphaPeg is my big idea. The concept derided from a project set during my degree in Graphic Design. For my project I had to select a mundane object and make something magnificent with or from it. I chose the clothes peg.

However, having done plenty of research and analysis, I believe the existence of the clothes peg is portrayed negatively due to the chore of putting out the washing. In reality, the clothes peg is an understated, overlooked product, which is magnificently designed already.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a concept that made pegging out the washing more interesting and fun with the use of pegs.

Here we have AlphaPeg.

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